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The Epic Journey of an Unlikely Hero... Awakening in the Abysm... Where the Dream is Real...

The Pearl of Wisdom is the True Story of the Real Pirates of the Caribbean.


A Screenplay by Hugues Gentillon


Synopsis: A young princess named Tiya is taken into slavery, but is rescued by a brave captain named Magnus. Years later, in France, Tiya has become an accomplished gymnastics instructor, and is instructed by Queen Marie to give lessons to a man named Pascal, who is helping with the French Revolution. When unrest begins to take hold of France, Queen instructs Tiya to recover two pieces of a lost treasure map, so as to ensure it doesn't fall in the wrong hands.





The Pearl of Wisdom The True Story of the Real Pirates of the Caribbean An upcoming Film by Hugues Gentillon

Posted by The Pearl of Wisdom on Thursday, December 31, 2015


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